Joint TACO - NanoCAT conference 2023

The NanoCAT project participated in organizing the TACO - NanoCAT conference on September 24-27. The international conference purely focused on the scientific part of the NanoCAT project and it was an opportunity to advertise the project´s research. TACO stands for TAming COmplexity in Materials and this year focused on synergies between experiment and modeling. Many outstanding scientists and experts in the field of Nanocatalysis from all over the world presented their work as speakers. The conference also served the purpose of networking with representatives of top research organizations and increasing the visibility of HIPC as a research organization on a global scale It opened up the possibility for future collaborations. 

Involved ESRs and young researchers from partners were presented during this conference with their posters, while Dr. Vajda provided an oral contribution named Size- and Composition-Selected Subnanometer Clusters in Catalysis: Controlling Selectivity. 

NanoCAT project effectively used the TU Wien support organization and units, their skills and experiences.