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The consortium collaboration has been established between the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, the University of Ulm and the Technical University of Vienna.

This partnership will not only enable the HIPC to carry out highly interdisciplinary research in the field of nanocatalysis by establishing close collaboration and sharing experiences but also enhance the reputation and attractiveness of the coordinating institute for Czech and foreign scientists, the business sector and other institutions.


J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry

Stefan Vajda

Štefan Vajda
Head of Nanocatalysis group
2018 - 2023 J. Heyrovský Chair holder

ResearcheID   U-1865-2019

Clarivate   0000-0002-1879-2099


Vienna University of Technology

Ulrike Diebold

Professor Ulrike Diebold
University professor, Surface Physics Group

Garetg Parkinson

Professor Gareth S. Parkinson
Head of Research Unit of Surface Physics


Ulm University

Timo Jacob

Professor Dr. Timo Jacob
Head of Institute of Electrochemistry